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CAE is an abbreviation for Computer Aided Engineering.
It is a method or a tool that utilizes simulation from specification analysis and design phase to efficiently improve the product development.
NDR provides solutions related to MBD or MATLAB / Simulink utilizing CAE for various industries such as industrial equipment and social infrastructure centered on the automobile industry.


MATLAB/Simulink is numerical analysis and modeling software developed and marketed by MathWorks.NDR provides solutions to support various product development using MATLAB/Simulink.

MBD Environment Construction

In addition to MBD environment-construction, we also offer a host of related services, including modeling via MATLAB/Simulink, automatic code generation, verification of generated code, as well as integration between MATLAB/Simulink and external tools.

Support tool development for engineers

We provide development support tools for engineers working on various kinds of products.Since various tools are developed using MATLAB, these tools are particularly effective in MATLAB based product development.In addition, some of these tools can also be used for product development that does not use MATLAB. Hence, it is possible to support various kinds of product development.

ECU software for vehicle control

We provide the software installed in ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which controls automobile engine and brakes.

Platform development × Development efficiency