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We propose a business, BI, CRM, AI and/or AR system with a solution that effectively combines mobile and cloud

Cloud × Mobile

Business use of mobile environments using smartphones and tablets is rapidly increasing. A mobile solution that integrates the cloud is effective for real-time use of various data and grasping the usage of users who use applications on smartphones. NDR proposes mobile systems that can utilize smartphones in various business scenes as “cloud x mobile solution”.

Agile Development Utilizing Open-source Software

With NDR’s mobile solutions, we have established a scheme to rapidly develop low-cost, high-quality systems by actively using open-source software, which has become international standard specifications. Standard features are developed by combining several open-sources, and customer-specific business specifications are developed as extension features.


Chatbot is a technical term that combines “chat” and “bot” and refers to an automatic conversation program that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI). Chatbots automatically respond to human queries in a chat-like manner.

NDR’s chatbot is an intelligent help service developed using AI technology and bot framework, interprets the user’s inquiries/answers, searches information from the database, optimizes the conversation, and makes a suggestion for the user.


AR (Augmented Reality) means a computer-enhanced reality environment, in which some information, such as location information and related images, is overlaid on the landscape viewed through the camera on a smartphone . For example, the travel guide smartphone application developed by NDR provides AR feature by overlaying the image related to the location on the landscape through the camera (Example 1).

We have also developed an application that activates some action and/or displays a specific image by detecting the condition of the object from the image shown on the camera (Example 2).

Application areas: Travel guide, support manual, condition detection, remote support