CSR Initiatives

CSR Basic Policy

NDR Co., Ltd. has been conducting its business based on our management philosophy, “To contribute to the information society and to achieve the happiness of our employees by utilizing electronics technology, computer technology and their combined technology.” In order to achieve continuous and sound further development of our business and to fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a good corporate citizen, we have established the following action policies.

CSR Action Policies

  1. Contributing to society through our business
    We will contribute to the construction of an affluent and vibrant global society by providing services and satisfaction to our customers, making use of the electronics and computer technologies and their combined technologies that we have cultivated since our founding.
  2. Information disclosure and communication
    We will disclose information in a fair and highly transparent manner in order to maintain and develop relationships of trust with our various stakeholders around the world. We will also respond to our stakeholders in a responsible manner through various forms of communication.
  3. High corporate ethics
    We will conduct our business activities based on high corporate ethics, including not only compliance with laws and regulations but also moral perspectives such as environmental protection and respect for human rights. We will take a resolute stance against antisocial forces that threaten the order and safety of society, and will sever all relations with them.
  4. Environmental initiatives
    In order to realize a sustainable society, we will reduce our impact on the environment and make effective use of limited resources.
  5. Social contribution activities
    As a better corporate citizen, we will work to interact with local communities and engage in social contribution activities.
  6. Creating a safe and comfortable workplace
    We will respect the individuality and diversity of our employees and strive to create a safe and comfortable workplace to realize comfort and affluence.
  7. Fair and free competition, and proper trade
    We will engage in fair and free competition, build good partnerships with our business partners, and conduct proper trades.

President & Managing Director  Takatsugu Nagahara
February 12, 2021