Declaration of SDGs Initiatives

The SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets, including eradication of poverty and hunger, sustainable economic growth, and quality education. Coordinated action by all stakeholders, including companies, is required.

We, NDR, formulate a declaration of SDGs initiatives, and promote projects and activities to achieve the goals.

NDR’s Declaration of SDGs Initiatives

We at NDR endorse “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” and engage in business and activities in order to achieve it.

We have been aiming to innovate our business, management, and organization and have been working to build a sustainable information society, based on the management philosophy of “using electronics technology, computer technology, and their combined technology to contribute to the information society and to ensure the happiness of our employees.”

We will further fulfill our social role with sincerity, taking a global perspective in our business activities.
Based on the SDGs philosophy of “Leave no one behind,” we will focus on the following three areas, and work on business and activities to achieve each goal.


  • We will work to improve IT and electronics systems.
  • We will work on building DX for SMEs.
  • We will work to reduce environmental impact through IT.
  • We will demonstrate the multifaceted functions of IT and electronics.


  • We will promote a variety of working styles.
  • We will support education to improve the capabilities of our employees.
  • We will promote social contribution activities especially in education in local communities.


  • We will strive to collaborate and participate with a diverse range of domestic and international stakeholders.