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Based on our management philosophy of “Leveraging electronics technologies and computer technologies and their combined technologies to contribute to an information society and to the well-being of our employees”, we have formulated the following quality policy in order to create an organization which is always motivated to change, and strives to learn new technologies every day in order to develop products and systems which offer higher value addition, and provide customers with services and satisfaction with speed and a global perspective.

“Providing products which generate customer trust and satisfaction”

ISO 9001 Registration Information (Registration is for the Osaka Headquarters only)

Applicable standards ISO 9001:2015/JIS Q 9001:2015
Certification category 19 Electrical and optical equipment
33 Information technology
Scope of registration Design, Development and Production of Hardware and Software for Computer Applied Systems and Various Industrial Production Systems
Certification body JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.Abbreviation: JICQA
Certification marks used JAB and JICQA
Registration number 0587