Chatbotfor E-Commerce Service

In collaboration with Kintetsu Group Holdings, we developed the AI chatbot service “Kintetsu Virtual Concierge.”





“Chatbot” is a term that combines “chat” and “bot” and refers to an automatic conversation program that utilizes artificial intelligence.

Our chatbot is an intelligent help service developed using AI technology and a bot framework, interprets the user’s inquiry/answer, searches information from the database, and selects the best conversation or suggestion for the user.

Knowledge of the masters who actually exist in the Kintetsu Group were developed to chatbots of “Tetsujin (Masters) of Kintetsu” and released as “The Wine Master of Kintetsu” and “Sake Master of Kintetsu.

Service Summary
The chatbot system “Masters of Kintetsu”, which has the database of knowledges of real masters in the Kintetsu group and product information, becomes virtual concierges, asking questions, such as taste preference, in a conversational manner, and suggesting the best products and services for the customer using this chatbot system.

Service Term
From October 11, 2017, 10 am to March 29, 2018, 11 pm.


  • Anytime, anywhere with smartphone
  • Reduction of labor cost by responses of the bot
  • Friendly interface in conversational style
  • Masters’ knowledge and recommendations can be provided anytime and anywhere
Chatbot for E-Commerce Service