Mobile System for Visualizing Business Activities

We developed a combined cloud-mobile system that makes it possible to visualize daily sales activities of salesreps and field workers, and enables effective recording and reporting of activities and management for oneself and administration.


Cloud × Mobile


NDR is developing a combined cloud-mobile application that sales representatives, salespeople and field workers can aim for better activities by grasping daily activities and achievements of, such as automatically creating daily reports and details of activity history which are visible to themselves and supervisors.

Since activity data and customer information are recorded in a database on the cloud, salesreps can see the latest information on their smartphones on the go, and managers can also grasp salespersons’ activities in real time. This is our unique “cloud × mobile solution”.


  • A salerep or field worker can schedule customer visits for a day, and can efficiently go around multiple customers simply by pressing the “Start” button on the morning of the day.
  • It is possible to automatically create daily work reports by automatically recording multiple visits on the day by using GPS location information.
  • Daily reports can be created simply by filling in forms of meeting/work reports, and can be submitted to supervisors at the end of the day.
  • By specifying a period, you can see at a glance achievements of customer visits.
  • The app runs by logging in to a shared smartphone/tablet without using a person-specific terminal. The app is available for iOS and Android devices, and web browsers on PCs.
  • It has basic workflow functions, such as submission and approval of daily reports, approval and settlement of travel expenses, applications for absence and overtime, etc. (Flow settings can be defined by roles.)
  • It will be able to work with the CRM system (under development).

※ We are receiving orders from overseas customers and developing for them first. We are currently working on localization for Japan.