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MATLAB/Simulink collaboration tool development

MATLAB is an interactive programming environment for numerical computations and data visualization. Simulink is a platform in which a dynamic system (linear or non-linear system of a continuous time series or discrete time series, etc.) is built as a model using block line diagrams, and this model is used to simulate the system.

At present, it has become an indispensable tool which is actively being used for model-based development using MATLAB/Simulink primarily in the automotive field. It is being used not only in the automotive field, but also in control algorithm development for robots, communication system development for mobile telephones, image processing algorithm development for television and processing algorithm development for ICs, etc.

MATLAB Tool Development

Development of tools and applications which use MATLAB related M-scripts, GUIDE or App Designer etc.

Development experience

MATLAB Remote Control ToolsDevelopment of tool which can remotely control MATLAB using MATLAB Engine, execution of M-scripts, execution of Plot functionality etc.
Converting M-Script to LibraryRefactoring user’s M-Script to class and configuring it to a package library
MATLAB Graph Plot WebAppDevelopment of GUI application for graph plot using M-Script and App Designer. In addition, creating a WebApp using MATLAB compiler
MATLAB ElasticsearchDevelopment of MATLAB script as an API to retrieve analytical data from Elasticsearch under flexible search conditions.

Also available in
MathWorks File Exchange: https://jp.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/73695-matlab-elasticsearch-mlelasticsearch
OSS: https://github.com/ndrsomkiat/mlelasticsearch
Simulink Tool Development

Development of tools which support modeling, simulation and analysis related to users Simulink environment.

Development experience

Simulink Remote Operating ToolsDevelopment of tool which can remotely control operations such as display, execution, result display, changing parameters of a block related to Simulink model using MATLAB Engine
Simulink Model Editor ToolDevelopment of tool used for editing connections between two blocks or block placement on a Simulink model
Simulink Custom BlocksDeveloping Simulink custom blocks according to user requirement. Including features such as parameter setting dialog box, mask parameter setting dialog box etc.