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MATLAB is numerical analysis software developed and marketed by Mathworks.We are good in matrix operations and can describe complicated operations and algorithms in a simple manner by using rich libraries(Toolbox).MATLAB is used in various industries such as automobile, electronics, energy, etc..


  • Simplified programming language and development environment
  • High-speed numerical calculations, especially matrix operation
  • Easy visualization of data using graphs and diagrams
  • GUI and interface with other language
  • Supports conversion to various codes or processing systems
  • Supports various domains with rich advanced features(Toolbox)


Simulink is one of the products that operates on MATLAB. It is a software that can simulate a algorithm described by the block diagram called model with a time concept.


  • Belongs to the MATLAB product family
  • Block diagran representation of algorithm(Modeling)
  • Highly accurate verification through time concept simulation
  • Rich set of Block libraries such as transfer function, PID, FFT
  • Supports model-based development
  • Supports various domains with rich advanced features(Toolbox)
MATLAB/Simulink ツール開発