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Platform (PF: Platform)

The software installed in ECU (Electronic Control Unit) embedded into the automobile is basically divided into two layers, the application layer and the platform layer. In the application layer, engine control, transmission control, diagnosis function, etc. softwares are embedded.On the other hand, in the platform layer the hardware in ECU and the application layer are connected and both input/output I/F softwares are embedded.


In AUTOSAR configuration that has been standardized in recent years, conventional platform layer is called BSW (Basic Software)
and is connected to application layer via RTE (Runtime Environment).



PF software development for powertrain ECU

We accept the development of PF software for ECUs such as engine control ECU, transmission control ECU, etc. that has the power train.With 20 years of development experience, we can develop according to prototype events, development processes, document systems, quality assurance levels, etc. which are unique to the automobile industry.We can support all necessary elements for the platform such as various microcomputer control, boot loader, RTOS, CAN/LIN communication, memory management, etc.


Construction of software development environment for prior/prototype ECUs

In case to evaluate and verifying a vehicle control algorithm prior to mass production development, it is not uncommon to modify the mass production ECU or build an environment using a commercial evaluation board for development.We build environment for such prototype development.In the prototype
development of ECU remodeling, the PF software is modified and evaluated according to I/O change specifications.We can provide wide range of support in case of prototype development of ECU remodeling : PF software is modified and evaluated according to I/O change specifications,and in case of
prototype development of commercial evaluation board : Linux and RTOS setup on the evaluation board, OS customization, driver development, etc.With the environment built to match customer specific needs, the customer can concentrate more on the application development,