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Simplified HILS

Various tools including HILS is used for ECU software development. However, these tools are often expensive and difficult to deploy in sufficient numbers. NDR is developing an inexpensive and space-saving simplified version of HILS to solve these problems.



Simplified HILS

In order to deploy and effectively utilize a simulator for a common HILS, it is necessary to have operating methods that enables verification in a short period of time. Our simplified HILS has following features :

  • Low cost since we handle in combination with commercial products
  • Save space since required parts configuration is kept minimum
  • Flexible customization according to specifications of the control device
  • Execute simplified plant model created with MATLAB/Simulink
  • Operation and confirmation through network

Rough verification can be performed in parallel by deploying multiple simplified HILS, and Common HILS simulator enables efficient high-quality development in a short period of time by dividing roles such as performing highly accurate and highly difficult verification.

Simplified HILS map