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Environment Construction

We provide solutions to build HILS environment.We support to set up HILS made by each manufacturer, measuring device connection, plant model construction, evaluation, etc.


CRAMAS environment construction

We accept to build Denso Ten company’s HILS CRAMAS environment.It is possible to build according to customer’s request as given below

MATLAB/Simulink Tool Development

Plant modeling for HILS

We create plant models for HILS, which is necessary to inspect ECU, etc. for vehicle control. We can also create plant models for various ECUs such as EFI, Body, HV, ADAS, etc.

Simulink ツール開発

Environment construction support

We support various works necessary to build HILS.We not only support plant modeling, but also to set up communication environment such as CAN/LIN, linkage with RAM measurement equipment,linkage with other tools such as CarSim, I/O board setting and inter-model I/F adjustment, Diagnosis survey, etc. by utilizing our ECU side development experience.

Supported systems

  • HILS: CRAMAS by Denso Ten, dSpace by dSpace
  • Communication: CANoe and CANAlyzer by Vector
  • Tool: CarSim by Virtual Mechanics