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Replacement of obsolete devices with FPGA

Obsolete ASSP and ASIC's are replaced with FPGA

IEEE754 compliant 32-bit floating point operations unit

A floating point FIR operations circuit has been implemented using FPGA to speed up the algorithms in the existing C source. This unit is being used as an IP in the FPGA designed by the client.

DDS FPGA development (Sine wave generation)

We have developed a client-specific DDS(Direct Digital Synthesizer) which uses FPGA to generate sine waves of any frequency.

HDD Accelerator

The HDD accelerator board with 2.5 inch HDD has a 1 GB cache at the front end to increase the IOPS/throughput.

Electromagnetic nodes for accelerators

A system has been developed to control the output patterns to the electromagnetic power controller and to monitor the output waveform and status of each equipment in response to instructions from the Central Control Room.

Development of a high performance PLC unit through EtherNet/IP function expansion*

We have developed both the hardware and software for data sharing and distributed processing system using EtherNet/IP on an industrial CPU unit