Replacement of obsolete devices with FPGA

Obsolete ASSP and ASIC’s are replaced with FPGA

Hardware design+Manufacture of circuit boards

Circuit design+FPGA design

Industrial equipment/facilities

Replacement of obsolete devices with FPGA


  • Generation of the internal circuits based on the datasheets of the obsolete devices
  • Consideration of the method of mounting on current boards, device selection, power supply and tolerances
  • They can be operated on current boards and can perform just like the earlier items


  • In case of DIP products, by achieving pin assignment and foot pattern compatibility, product life can be extended without board upgradation
  • By faithful reproduction of the registers and functions from the obsolete products, they can be replaced without making any changes to the existing software
  • By not implementing unused functions, FPGA space is saved, and up-to-date parts can also be included to reduce cost