HDD Accelerator

The HDD accelerator board with 2.5 inch HDD has a 1GB cache at the frontend to increase the IOPS/Throughput

Hardware design+Embedded software+Manufacture of circuit boards+Unitization

Circuit design+FPGA design+Porting+Drivers

Consumer equipment

HDD Accelerator


  • H/W: Design and development of FPGA and hardware circuits
  • S/W: OS porting, design and development of Drivers , and applications
  • Brush up of specifications using a prototype, and role trading between H/W<->S/W on a function-by-function basis
  • Design and construction of an inspection environment for mass


  • SATA1.0 3.5 inch HDD compatible specifications
  • Equipped with a 1 GB cache (with ECC)
  • Inbuilt backup power supply for cache protection
  • NIOS II (OS: uITRON) consisting of 1 chip is built into the FGPA
  • The cache size can be easily increased by building a RAID environment with multiple drives
  • Equipped with a cache algorithm
  • Equipped with a function for cache protection during power outages (Inbuilt backup power supply function)
  • External compatibility of the 3.5 inch HDD can be mounted as it is in a PC or HDD server