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Simulink block development for Zynq-7000

Implementation of Zynq-7000 control application development without developing device drivers!

Automatic inspection of simulation results

By automatically inspecting the simulation results, the workload of the engineers is reduced, and quality is improved.

Automation and packaging of various tasks related to MATLAB/Simulink models

Improvement in the efficiency of development by automating complex tasks related to MATLAB operations and Simulink models!!

HILS/RCP system development support

Hardware and software development for embedded systems such as a HILS/RCP system, as well as construction of the environment for implementation of the desired

Hardware virtualization

Greatly contributes to development efficiency by virtualizing and buliding the actual machine environment.

Development of a paper position simulator for an MFP

We have developed a lightweight simulator that can be easily used by programmers during MFP controller firmware development.