NDR’s Solutions

EtherCAT Solution

EtherCAT Industrial Network

We provide 'EtherCAT Master IP' for high speed, stable and low jitter FGPA. Also, provide 'Contract development' services related to EtherCAT slave and others.

Board Solution

Evaluation Board

We introduce 'Evaluation Board' products that can be used instantly for customers' design, development and evaluation including FPGA mounted boards and EtherCAT slave small modules.

Design Solution

We support in wide range of product development which includes hardware using SoC FPGA, FPGA development, embedded OS porting, software development such as microcomputer firmware, small and medium-scale mass production and repair.

MATLAB Tool Solution

We provide various tools that make development using MATLAB/Simulink more efficient.

Model-based Development Solution

We build MILS, SILS, RCP, and HILS environments for model-based development.

Automotive Control Development

We provide control software for powertrain ECU and tools that support ECU development.


Mobile Development

We propose a business, BI, CRM, AI and/or AR system with a solution that effectively combines mobile and cloud.

Global Solution

We leverage our global advantages and fully demonstrate our knowhow fostered over many years of offshore development to implement outsourced development which is stress-free and reliable.

Information System Solution

Advanced ICT solutions that cover the company's major core operations such as personnel, attendance/vacation management, daily reports, customer relationship management, sales activities/orders, and more.

Business Partners

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