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SoC FPGA Development/Contract design Services

Intel DSN Partner

FPGA Design Solution Network
SoC FPGA 開発/受託設計サービス

We focus on one-stop development using FPGA and in particular, we provide one-stop development of hardware and software with FPGA built-in CPU. NDR is Intel DSN Partner.

Intel DSN Partner

Development results

MakerFPGAOSCase Studies
IntelCyclone V SoCLinux,eForce uC3
XilinxZynq UltraScale+ MPSoCeT-Kernel
MicrsemiSmartFusion2 SoCFreeRTOS
IntelNIOS IINORTiHDD Accelerator

Scope of Services

HardwareCircuit design, FPGA design, Prototype board manufacture
SoftwareOS porting, Application development

FPGA design quality (LINT)

ALINT Design Rule Checker

We are working to improve design quality by introducing LINT tools for FPGA development. We apply our design criteria and conduct mechanical inspections to check mistakes that are often missed in simulations. Many advantages such as