Primary Policy on Information Security

We have been responding to customer needs by designing and manufacturing of information processing equipment, electronic application equipment, and related software as a core business. In order to provide products and services that satisfy our customers, with protecting our information assets in an advanced information society from threats such as accidents, disasters and crimes, and respond to our customers’ and society’s trust, we will set the guidelines for our information security efforts by laying out our primary policy on information security.

1.Maintaining internal security organization and information asset management rules

We will establish the necessary management organization and system for maintaining and improving security, and will define the necessary information security measures as the formal rules of the company.

2.Responsibility and continuous improvement in leadership

By complying with this policy, our company management will instruct to manage properly information assets of our company and customers.

3.Comply with legal and contractual requirements

Our employees are in compliance with laws, regulations, norms, and contractual security requirements with customers relating to information assets used in our business activities.

4.Employee Initiatives

Our employees acquire the knowledge and technology required to maintain and improve information security, and ensure their commitment to information security.

5.Dealing with violations and accidents

We will establish an organization and system for responding to information security incidents related to information security laws, regulations, codes, and contracts with customers, so that we will reduce the impact of violations and incidents.

December 1, 2018
Takatsugu Nagahara
NDR Co., Ltd.