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RUFE Platform

ASSP development platform for industrial equipment with Intel MAX 10 FPGA

RUFE is an Evaluation platform for development of our own ASSP and measures

  • MAX10 10M08SA mounted: 3.3V available with single power supply and built in configuration ROM that operates on single chip.
  • Dial Boot compatible, Nios II can also be installed.
  • MAX10 analog feature can also be used to perform power sequence and management of the board.

Characteristics of the baseboard combination

  • USB BlasterⅡ Mounted
    ・Can develop without having a FPGA writing machine.
    ・Can operate FPGA in GUI using system console.
    ・SignalTAP II can also be used as a Rosiana.
  • Drive Buffer TypeA
    The 5 V system is equipped with a 3.3V-5V tolerant buffer for applications requiring drive capability
  • Drive Buffer TypeB
    It is equipped with an FET switch type 3.3V-5V tolerant function that does not require DIR/OE control.


Core specifications
* 1 It can be used as a general purpose.
FPGAMAX10 series10M08SAE144C8GES
Power3.3V singleSupplied from baseboard
Clock50MHz1 unit installed
GPIO2.54 2 x 20 x 2 row connectors
Connector Enlarged A1 - 40 PA - 2.5 DSA (Hirose Electric)
Each connector 36CHTotal 72CH
Dedicated input 1CHShorted to AGND with 0Ω resistor
GPIO shared port 8CH
AVREFSupplied from connector
LEDPOWER LED1 unit installed
USER LED5 units installed
DIP switchFor 4 consecutive 1 UNIT Installed3 general purpose points
1 point 1 Configuration SEL dual (also included in GPIO connector)
Push switch3 UNIT InstalledReset switch * 1
General purpose (also installed in nConfig pin GPIO connector)
General purpose (also installed in nStatus pin GPIO connector)
JTAGConnector1 unit installed
USB Blaster II can not be used when connecting to baseboard.
It is possible to write using the USB Blaster II with the core board alone.
(A separate 3.3V supply is required.)
Base specifications
* 1 One GPIO is assigned to the control function.
* 2 Cannot be used as a USB BLASTER II with a base board alone.
* 3 Buffer type is selected as either one or the other.
Power5V single
Supplied from USB connector or power connector (selected by jumper)
3.3V power supply for FPGA installed
GPIO2.54 2 x 20 x 2 row connectors
ConnectorEnlarge A1 - 40 PA - 2.5 DSA (Hirose Electric)
CN9Buffered GPIO 32CH (4, 8-bit buffers)
Unbuffered GPIO 4CH (Direct FPGA connection) * 1
Total 36CH
CN10Buffered GPIO 16CH (2, 8-bit buffers)
Unbuffered GPIO 20CH (Direct FPGA connection) * 1
Total 36CH
GPIO buffer A * 33.3V/5V tolerant buffer
Buffer ICEquipped with SN74LVC8T245PW x 6
Drive voltage selectionIndividually configurable for each 8CH (5V/3.3V)
OEFixed setting/control setting possible * 1
GPIO buffer A * 33.3V/5V tolerant buffer bus switch
Buffer bus switchSN74CB3T3245PW x 6 個 搭載
Drive voltage selection3.3V fixed
OEFixed setting / control setting possible * 1
ProgrammerMicro USB connector
Embedded USB Blaster installed * 2