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Development of embedded system for control (Hard/Soft)

With ‘One Stop Solution’services, where hardware and software are closely collaborated, efficient design and development of the entire system is realized

Merits of One stop solution

Reduce extra labor and cost

In our company, as we undertake both hardware and software development, we can handle all those that includes such as each of arrangements and confirmation, fault correspondence, hence there exists no extra effort for confirmation and adjustment, the communication costs, etc. for the customer.

High-quality/high-performance design and reduced development costs

The design/development knowledge in each of hardware and software, and to realize the development of high-quality/high-function, enables efficient response at the time of verification/bug occurs, and reduce development costs.

Merits of hardware development

Effective proposal of device selection and circuit design

In the development cycle before the start of the software cycle, we propose CPU based on software configuration, memory selection, I/O selection, and implementation of specific special functionality.

Effective Proposal for defect management

We propose an effective response to detect to determine whether to carry-out the implementation/counter measures in both hardware/software with respect to lack of feature that are discovered after the design is complete.

Merits of software development

Efficient design/development by understanding the H/W specifications

In the development of embedded software, in order to perform design/development while confirming the device operation and hardware specifications from the hardware group, it is possible to design/develop software and hardware operations and implement the development of the efficient software.

Efficient verification and defect detection

We can have the waveform for software verification during which we cannot borrow the actual machine. It also utilize cultivated know-how when a problem occurs. We can find a defect points or a hard failure from the device operation. We also perform time saving and efficient response when verifying or occurrence of malfunction that can lead to the savings of development cost.