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Embedded contract development,
OS porting/contract design services

OS porting Driver BSP development

NDR provides a complete service from microcomputer firmware to realtime OS porting of VxWorks and ITRON etc., Driver and BSP development. In addition, we also propose early booting of boards using Uboot and Linux, driver development and middleware development cost reduction for CPU boards with ARM cores.

Linux usage in commercial evaluation environment such as Raspberry PI

We provide services to build evaluation environment and create evaluation application using Raspberry PI.

NDR is helping to build many types of environments. In addition to Raspberry PI, we build an evaluation environment using commercially available board and also provide advanced development for applications and evaluation environment. We also propose to execute the performance evaluation of open source libraries such as OpenCV.

Real-time Linux with Xenomai

In Linux, Xenomai patch can be applied to develop in real time on Linux. With real time Linux, controlling in μs units is possible which is similar to the real time OS. Leverage NDR’s knowledge of Xenomai Linux.