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Simulation Development

Model-based development system conceptual diagram

We propose development support for simulations such as MILS/SILS/PILS/HILS/RP with knowhow and qualities in MATLAB/Simulink development over a decade.

Business Solutions

MATLAB/Simulink collaboration tool development

We develop tools to support development software for automotive with integration into MATLAB/Simulink powered by Mathworks.

MILS system development support

We develop GUI applications for MILS system tools, custom Simulink block and m file to integrate with GUI applications and model distributed simulation engine etc.

Rapid prototyping system: Model linked development support

We develop connecting tools between Simulink model and a trial version of hardware, customization for automatic code generation used by Simulink coder.

detail of MATLAB/Simulink collaboration tool

Simulator Development

We support simulation development used in each process in the V-shaped model such as MILS, SILS, PILS, HILS and RP, as well as development support for simulators in the automotive field, and simulators related to MFPs.

SILS system development

Framework of SILS system, peripheral tool, microcontroller/ peripheral circuit virtualization on the controller, the development of I / O boards on the virtual plant

HILS system development

We develop and evaluate peripheral devices and I/O board platforms for plant simulators.

MFP simulator development support

We develop validation and display tools to verify simulation results, configuration tools and simulator control GUI.

Details of simulator development

Development support for automobiles

Our company has been providing development support primarily in the platform segment for over a decade by leveraging NDR strengths of embedded development experience spanning many years.

Engine control platform for software development support

We mainly support foundation stack development of software for engine control along with development of device drivers and boot loader which directly control microprocessor as well as evaluating and manufacturing a trial version for prototype development.

HILS system development support

We are engaged in tool development in diverse areas such as tools for automated inspection of communication software such as CAN/LIN, tools which convert the inspection results to customer formats.

Details of development support
for automobiles

Model-based Development

Model-based development provides support for quality improvement and cost reduction along with active usage of simulation in each product development phase during embedded product development to achieve significant efficiencies.

Details of model-based development