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Chat bot development

"Chatbot" is a term that combines "Chat" and "Bot" and represents an automatic conversation program utilizing artificial intelligence.
"Chat" is a real-time communication mechanism using internet and this term represents exchange of text from both sides. "Bot" is a term that represents a program to automate certain processes on behalf of humans. "Chat Bot" automatically responds to inquiries from humans in "chat" form like conversation by utilizing artificial intelligence.

Chatbot is an intelligent ancillary service developed using AI technology and BOT framework, interpreting answers to users by retrieving information from the database, and providing optimal conversations and suggestions for users.

Features of the Chat Bot

  • Access anytime anywhere using smartphone
  • Reduction of personnel involvement
  • Conversational style friendly interface
Development Use Case

We developed a chatbot service in collaboration with Kintetsu Group Holdings Co., Ltd

Kintetsu Virtual Concierge

Real world experts within the Kintetsu group are represented as "Kintetsu Concierge" in a "Chat Bot"

- Developed initial version of "Kintetsu Wine Concierge" and "Kintetsu Sake Concierge"

<1>Service Synopsis
A concierge of Kintetsu group, "Kintetsu Concierge" is a chat bot that stores knowledge of the experts in its database, and is a service that suggests optimum products and services for customers by asking user's preference.

<2>Service Commencement and End
11th October, 2017 (Wednesday) 10 am to 29th March, 2019 (Friday) 11 pm

<3>Screen Images


            Chat Image                                       Product proposal Image             Kintetsu online departmental store

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