May 2004 BusinessComputerNews
The making of an enterprise which has made the longest strides in offshore development among its Japanese counterparts
May 2005 Nikkei Computers
The upsurge of Indian and Chinese IT power
Jun 2005 INDO WATCHER vol.95
The marketing revolution in India has begun
Jul 2005 Diamond Publishing
The huge market that is India
Sep 2005 Weekly Diamond Jumbo edition
The huge market that is India
Jan 2007 JETRO Global Eye
Hitech initiatives - Activities of US companies in India and potential for Indo-Japanese business
Dec 2008 Report on the support for the internationalization of small and medium enterprises/Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan
Case study: Targeting offshore development of software in India
Apr 2009 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Compilation of good practices in enterprises which promote internationalization of human resources(PDF)
Jun 2009 Nikkei Business 8 globally managed companies which have somehow achieved success worldwide
NDR (Software Company which is pioneering the development of human resources in developing countries)
Feb 2010 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry in the Kinki region
Leading examples of the use of overseas human resources
Jun 2010 Toyo Keizai Are you globally competitive?
Enterprise survival Japanese enterprises have begun to develop human resources who are globally competitive
Oct 2010 Mizuho Research Institute Ltd. Fole October 2010
How to create a workplace in which foreign employees play an active role(PDF)

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