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global development

NDR Company Limited Japan Osaka  Nichi-In Software India Bangalore NDR Solutions Thailand

  NDR / JAPAN: Global system Development Offshore development support
                                                                     Global system support
                                                                     Deployment of bilingual personnel
                                                                     ● Hardware Development
                                                                        Circuit design
                                                                     Printed circuit board manufacture
                                                                     ● Software Development
                                                                        Control system software development
                                                                        Measuring system software development
                                                                        Business software develo        pment
                                                                     ● Simulation development
                                                                        Development of tools linked MATLAB/Simulink
                                                                        Simulator development
                                                                     Development support for automotive control
                                                                     ● System Development for Factory
                                                                        Production management system
                                                                     Inventory management system

Nichi-In Software India
                                                                ● Offshore Development
                                                                    Software verification
                                                                    Software migration
                                                                    Software multilingualization
                                                                    Application development for the cloud/smartphones
                                                                ● Training and deployment of bilingual engineers
                                                                ● Entrusted development for Japan's companies in India
                                                                ● Technical translation

                                                              ● Offshore Development
                                                                Hardware/FPGA devlopment
                                                                Embedded software development
                                                             Web / Mobile app development
                                                             ● Power systems development in collaboration with CEPT
                                                              CEPT: Joint venture between Chulalongkorn University and
                                                             Thailand Power Corporation
                                                             ● System development for Japan's companies in Thailand
                                                             ● System development/launch/support for factories

NDR's global system development brings down development cost
and assists you in handling globalization of your system


Total solutions for offshore development
Implementation of low budget system development (Our offshore development process)

Depending on the project requirements, we conduct briefing sessions and finalize specifications in NDR Japan, which is also the point of contact for design and operations, and development cost is reduced by total or partial offshore development. Our estimates will reflect the model used.

Fail-safe offshore development (Consulting/support for offshore development)

Based on the offshore development expertise acquired by us over many years of offshore development, we propose the offshore development model which is best suited to the customer as well as the project. While carrying out offshore development, we ensure that development can proceed without stress by proposing an optimum solution which covers important points such as appointment of the SE and PG to oversee the development, deciding on the communication methods and density, etc.

Full support for offshore development ( Direct offshore development )

Since there are many barriers for an organization to start off with direct offshore development, we can first start from a request for (1) above, gradually move to (2), and finally submit a proposal for full support to direct offshore development by the customer. (We provide assistance to you and eliminate stress during offshore development, which is a necessity for any organization to reduce development cost in the future.)

[Development projects which can
                                                                    immediately benefit from offshore
                                                                    ・ Projects in which the work details are clear, and projects in which the work
                                                                    is easy to understand
                                                                    ・Projects involving additions to existing systems or repeated customization
                                                                    ・Projects for which the specifications can be clearly specified to a large
                                                                    extent and the requirements can be documented

Global system support
Total support for system installation in overseas locations

When conducting a system study for overseas locations under the guidance of NDR Japan, the contact point for briefing on specifications as well as design is NDR Japan, while system development, installation and follow-up activities are executed by our overseas subsidiaries. Therefore, since we have the capability to handle the processes from system installation until follow-up locally, you can entrust overseas system projects to us for end-to-end execution without any worries.

Deployment of bilingual personnel
Deployment of bilingual resources who are proficient in both English and Japanese

In the future, as companies proceed with globalization, we foresee an increase in the number of organizations which will need global system development and support for in-house systems, as well as support for communication with overseas locations in English. Our overseas subsidiaries can assist in this process by dispatching onsite bilingual engineers who have been trained in Japanese and English to such locations. You can thus use our services for global system development and support, for English language communication support in overseas locations and as an offshore development bridge.