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Industrial Network

We are concentrating on developing the master / slave products of Ether CAT which attracts attention in industrial manufacturing equipment such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment makers and machine tool manufacturers. In addition, we will also develop a Gateway board that makes it easy to connect existing local IO network products and Ether CAT networks.


SoCFPGA / FPGA Design Solution

Based on experiences / achievements of programmable devices from PAL / GAL era, we implement
Arithmetic unit, Production stoppage ASSP, Replacement of FPGA of CPU, etc. for specific application
by selecting optimal manufacturer's device suitable for the application

Development Record

●Usage Categories
: FPGA implementation of discontinued products,
     Arithmetic logic, device control, graphic related works.
●Performance Maker
: Intel (former ALTERA), Lattice, Xilinx,
     MicroSemi (formerly ACTEL)
●Programming Language
: VHDL Verilog-HDL)


Development of Embedded System for Control

With the expertise of long-term hardware and software development, we will accelerate the optimal design, development, and verification, including circuit design, hardware acceleration, embedded OS selection and driver software design to reduce customer effort, development costs and shorten delivery times.In addition, we will proactively introduce the latest technology to realize high added value, regardless of existing technologies with proven results, develop high performance and high reliability products.We are also focusing on the after-sales system for failure analysis, repair support, and supply of replacement products after shipment.

one stop Solution


Evaluation Boards

We implement system products with optimal configuration by combining commercial products and custom products such as rack-type units of bus systems, standalone modules that contain substrates in a small enclosure.

Overseas Manufacturing

Both prototype and mass production boards can be procured overseas at our overseas subsidiary, NDRS (Thailand). The process from parts supply to implementation inspection is carried out onsite. (Special parts are shipped from Japan)

< Mass production board Manufacture >

In accordance with the business flow of ISO 9001, small quantity of various kinds of boards from 1 unit / LOT to several hundred units / LOT per year is manufactured and appropriate shipping inspection is carried out using inspection jig / manually. NDR provides system maintenance support for more than 10 years after manufacture