May 2019 Head Office moved to Awaza, Nishi-ku in Osaka
February 2018 Obtained ISO9001: 2015 /JIS Q9001: 2015 certification
April 2017 Establishment of Tokyo Office
April 2015 Establishment of NEXTA
February 2014 KES step 1 certification obtained
July 2010 Establishment of NDR Solution (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand
July 2010 Tokyo office integrated into the Headquarters
May 2009 Establishment of the Mishima office
October 2006 Tokyo office shifted to Sumida ku in Tokyo
April 2004 Tokyo office shifted to Bunkyo ku in Tokyo
December 2003 Increase in capital to 65 million yen
July 2003 Increase in capital to 40 million yen
October 2002 Opening of the Tokyo office in Chiyoda ku, Tokyo
February 2000 Obtained ISO9001: 2008 /JIS Q9001: 2008 certification
November 1997 Establishment of Nichi-In Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore, India
March 1995 Unification and shifting of the offices to Minamihorie, Nishi ku, Oshaka
March 1992 Opening of the design and development annex in the Osaka office
September 1991

Establishment of IJSEC as a joint venture with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (Limited), and establishment of the merged company IJSEC-INDIA in India

December 1990 Increase in capital to 35 million yen
December 1988 Increase in capital to 20 million yen
August 1986 Opening of the Osaka office in Tennoji ku, Osaka
July 1986 Increase in capital to 10 million yen
December 1984 Establishment of NDR Company Limited

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