System Development

Social Infrastructure

Business Solutions

Responding widely to customer's requests from system planning to till system development, we have implemented systems such as equipment control software, business system, Web system, Cloud-based integration to a series of development work such as design, construction, implementation, evaluation, operation, and maintenance.

Case studies

Web System Development

We undertake the design and development of various Web systems from intranet type system to social type. We propose a system with high usability and operability that makes full use of the interactive nature of the web system. We take care of developing a system that is compatible with smart phones, Tablets and web system. From system development to operational maintenance and upgrading, we support your business with a complete system so that you do not stop your business by architecture design considering the efficiency of the entire system life cycle.


Device control Development

We have developed a system to exploit the drone's operation by fully utilizing the know-how from equipment control software to public cloud business. Drone is now aiming for further evolution from "toy" to "tool".


Business Application Development

We are customer's strength, because business systems and work culture are different from others. It is not right to change the operation according to "system standard decided arbitrarily." We work by customizing specialized systems tailored to our customers. Feel free to consult about the development of the peripheral system that complements the package software.