here we have reliable outsource development

features global system solutions

experience in various areas garnered over the past 30+ years

We have excellent skills and proven development capability garnered over the past 30 years or more, and rich experience in undertaking development projects in a number of major companies. Our capabilities are manifested in all of our solutions and are evidence of our trustworthiness.

know-how about the growth of over 15 year of offshore development

NDR has overseas subsidiaries in India and Thailand. We leverage our global advantages and fully demonstrate our knowhow fostered over many years of offshore development to implement outsourced development which is stress-free and reliable.

Optimum proposals which are best suited to the needs of the customer

By leveraging our global resources, we handle projects ranging from projects with complex specifications requiring technical expertise to low budget projects with simple specifications. And, even in the same project, we can allocate development resources for each phase and propose a solution which is optimized for the customer.

Implementation of smooth outsourced development even in distant places

By leveraging our internal offshore development experience, we can undertake efficiently development even in distant places with no cause for concern. We implement outsourced development smoothly by holding remote meetings through uninterrupted and secured communication lines.

Set-up Global Development NDR Meeting/Specification design
Development resource assessment Development in Japan Projects with complex specifications Projects requiring technical expertise Offshore Development Project with simple specifications
Low budget projects According to NDR know-how and support organization structure,implements the fail-safe Offshore Developent

Global Development


Business areas

Global system development Offshore development support Global system support Deployment of bilingual personnelCircuit design Printed circuit board manufacture Control system software development Measurement system software development Business system software development Simulation developmentDevelopment of MATLAB/Simulink linked tools Simulator development Development support for automotive control Production management system Inventory management system

Nichi-In Software / INDIA

Business areas

Offshore Development Software verification Software migration Software multilingualization Application development for the cloud/smartphones  Training and deployment of bilingual engineers  Entrusted development for Japan's companies in India  Technical translation


Business areas

Offshore Development Hardware/FPGA devlopment Embedded software development Web / Mobile app development Power systems development in collaboration with CEPT ※ CEPT: Joint venture between Chulalongkorn University and Thailand Power Corporation  System development for Japan's companies in Thailand System development/launch/support for factories